Mounted Satyrs ‧ 2 Varianten ‧ Broken Anvil ‧ 32mm.
Mounted Satyrs ‧ 2 Varianten ‧ Broken Anvil ‧ 32mm.
Mounted Satyrs ‧ 2 Varianten ‧ Broken Anvil ‧ 32mm.

Mounted Satyrs ‧ 2 variants ‧ Broken Anvil ‧ 32mm

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📦 What do you get? This item includes 1x Mounted Satyr figure + matching base, there are 2 different poses to choose from. All parts of your order are made with high quality UV resin. In all cases, the miniatures are delivered in several parts (at least figure + base) and require assembly. All miniatures are shipped unpainted.

📏 How big is the model? Our models are all scaled to work for standard 28-35mm scale tabletop games, the exact scale of each figure is given in the title. Some miniatures, especially larger creatures/vehicles, may require assembly and/or gluing.

🔬 3D printed miniatures. Our miniatures are made with high quality Siraya Tech branded resin. All our miniatures are checked for errors after printing and cleaned as best as possible, but there may still be traces from the production, which can be removed with a cutter knife or sandpaper. Please note that resin is a soft material and should be handled with care.

❗ ATTENTION! Especially the small figures on a scale of 28-35mm are very sensitive and parts can break off quickly, such as weapon parts, helmets, decor, etc. Therefore please handle carefully.

✨ Proper care. All of our miniatures are thoroughly washed and cured before shipping. Please remember to protect the delivered miniatures from direct exposure to UV light as much as possible, as this can make the material brittle. Therefore, please keep out of direct sunlight until painting the model.

🚚 All our miniatures will be shipped as soon as possible, please note that your order will be produced individually just for you and it can sometimes take a few days for your order to be on its way to you.

⚖️ Licensed designs. The artist named in the title provided us with this model(s) as an officially licensed seller.

🇬🇧 Made in Germany. All our products are handmade in Germany.

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